Moving your family from crisis and chaos to connection and calm

Is your family a safe haven?

Does it feel as if you are constantly playing referee between fighting siblings in your home?

Are you moving through your day managing one meltdown after the other?

Are you longing for peace and contentment?

Are you needing to “count to ten” more times than you care to admit?

If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place!

At Well Heart Family you will find:

  • Help to move your family from a sense of chaos and crisis to a place of calm and connection.
  • Blog posts to support you in applying certain skills and learn why they are important. It also covers key issues which are relevant to current events.
  • Courses and downloadable tools to help you navigate key emotional intelligence skills in order to reach your family’s place of calm and connection.

No more navigating emotions as if they are a minefield.

You will be able to master and manage them for yourself

and teach your children to do the same!

How can I help you?

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Toddler Wheel of emotions free
Find your happy space again

Get a calmer toddler now!

The Covid pandemic has turned life upside in so many ways.

There are so many things that change on short notice, which to our toddlers translates to

  • Inconsistent routine
  • Frazzled adults
  • Frustrations that they can’t epress
  • Fears they are unable to articulate or even identify

The Toddler Wheel of Emotions was created to help you and your toddler navigate just such a time as this!

Get it now to connect more with your little, bring calm to their otherwise confusing world, reduce your own anxieties.